A short ‘lil poem for y’all

Hi guys!

So, yet again, I haven’t posted in a looooong time. It’s just that my life went to shit and I’m feeling even more depressed than last year, but it’s good for my art, right…

On the 16th of April, I wrote a short poem on the plane. I was bored and had a mind full of happiness and joy, which went south a week later….

But here it is:

“Summer approaching

Heads keep floating

I pop the bubble on

my way

and put gum in my mouth

Hear a “pop” again

and remember the realness

of your words in my ear

The roads get longer

and we’re out of gas

Let’s push the car

Move this mess”


Life’s just such a wobbly bumpy road, ya know.

X Elise


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