Take A Break!

Hola Amigos!

Since the exams have arrived, I couldn’t really post a lot… Or anything at all. So, here’s just a small inspirational/ helpful “yay, you can do this” post about relaxing and taking a break from your books.

First of all, take a walk. Get out of your house and bring your head out into the fresh air, because let’s be honest, bedrooms tend to smell a little bad during these times of the year.

If you’re sick and tired of wandering around your neighbourhood, take a book or a magazine. Read something light, so no Tolstoj *I know, I’m sorry*.

Do some yoga! Lay flat on your back and lift your legs against the wall. This may look a little crazy, but trust me it’s a great way to relax.

Watch a Youtube-video. My recommendations are: Princessmei, Arden Rose, LaMadelynn, Colliscool and Chris Klemens.

Draw or Paint. It doesn’t even matter if you’re shit at it, ’cause it’s fun! Let your inner Bon Iver- listening artist free and go wild on that piece of paper *inappropriate wink*.

Song of the day: Empty by Olivia O’Brien. I’ve been listening to her for a while now and her music doesn’t cease to amaze me.

Why am I happy today? It’s a sunny day and I feel like my Greek exam went well, so yeah…


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