Shared Misery

Hi people!

Soooo…. I wanted to post this weekend, but unfortunately I had a giant task for History. No worries, it was actually a lot of fun, because I could to do the one thing I love with all my heart: writing. My friend an I teamed up for the (creative) project and decided to make an alternative to Vogue. Even though I’ve written more articles, I don’t mind.

But let’s get to the point. I often let my mind drift off into outer space and mostly that’s not a good thing, because it makes me sad. So, to distract myself, I start writing. Anything. Poems, short stories, personal reactions to stuff,…. The last story I wrote was kind of a reaction to a quote I found. The quote was: “Truth is, we’re all missing someone and hoping that they miss us, too.” This caught my eye and gave me the spark that set my bad thoughts into something good. A story. It’s called Shared Misery.

“Lost words on an envelope. Speaking truths only the wind can agree to, maybe a passer-by. And if such thing happens, if the passer-by reflects on his own situation and thinks of tales and stories of his own life, he will maybe bring it into a conversation he’s having with a random person at the bar he goes to. To get drunk and forget about the person he’s missing. “It’s true”, the waitress will say, as she looks into the bloodshot eyes of the poor man. “It’s all damn true”, the stoned man who’s sitting two barstools away will say. Then they’ll start laughing at how life can go downhill so fast and be brought back up (slightly) at such small things, like shared misery. Because the waitress might have been a successful lawyer, who broke down after the loss of her father. The stoned man might have been a talented guitarist, who turned to drugs after the only person he really cared about left him without a single word. And the passer-by might confess that he hasn’t seen his son in three months, because of his alcohol problem. And they will all just laugh, because crying won’t help. You can’t get out of the water if you keep feeding it. You’ve got to pull yourself together and swim to the shore.”

I’m sorry for the shitty post, but I don’t really have the time to write quality content. But, don’t worry! I’ll be back writing decent stuff when my head’s less cloudy and my schedule less full.

I’m btw listening to hate u love u by Olivia O’Brien (not the gnash version). I know this is a soppy song, but I quite like it.

Why am I happy today? I’m not really at the moment. I don’t sleep well, feel sick, I’ve come home and burst into tears almost every day and I just took a stress-test (turns out I’m about to crash…). Pphffff, well that’s depressing. I hope the rest of the week will be a little less shitloaded.


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