Monthly goals

Hi everyone!

I know I’ve already made a post about my new year’s resolutions, but to be able to achieve them, I made myself small monthly goals. This month I’m going to work on myself and my mental being, in particular.

My first goals is to try to not be ashamed of who I am and what I like. I feel like I often put on this image of someone I’m not and it’s not good for me or the people I know/ meet.

My next goal is to take bigger steps and get out of my comfortzone. I want to be able to show people my work and everything I can, but first I need to be less shy and do things I would never even think of doing.

My last goal is to exercise more. Not only is this good for my physical health, but it also helps me concentrate on my surroundings, wich is something I’m not good at.

I’m btw listening to Black Treacle by Arctic Monkeys.

Why am I happy today? I reorganized my bookshelves again and it makes me just so happy for some reason.


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