The Big L-Word

Hi everyone!

Since it’s almost V-Day, I felt like I had to write something about L… *cough*, Lo… *cough*, Love *sigh*, yeah that’s right. I mean, not that I know anything about it, but I’m just gonna try to write something about the Lack of Love in my life. The Big Void, the Empty Hole, whatever you want to call it.

I chose to not fall truly, deeply, madly in love a couple of years ago (I’ll explain why in a sec, be patient). I obviously still have those superficial crushes, just like everyone, but I block out all of those extra feelings. Throughout my life, I’ve only known love to be a thing that makes people miserable. And you might think “Elise, now you’re just looking at it from one perspective. You don’t have to completely avoid love because of that.” and I know that’s true, but still. Love is just such a negative thing to me. People lie, cheat, fight and if that’s one of the “extra’s” of love, then it’s a no from me.

I know a lot of people who Always need their crushes’ (or loved one’s) approval, on Everything. It just seems so tiring and most of the time, the people you like don’t like you back. It just seems so sad and I chose to not live my life in insecurity, based on what someone else wants me to be.

Oh god, this sounds like something L. Seneca would say, or Summer Finn or that guy from What If? (you know, “Love is just an all-purpose excuse for selfish behavior”).

Don’t get me wrong, I think love’s still a cute thing, but not when I feel it. No, not then.

I’m listening to Me by The 1975… How ironic.

Why am I happy today? Riverdale, obviously. I just think Jughead is the coolest character ever.


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