My Favourite 80’s Films

Hola Amigos!

First of all: I’m sick. Not really really sick, but sick enough to stay home though. I also bought a present for my best friend (her birthday is tomorrow btw).

But let’s get to the point. I’m a huge filmlover, specifically of 80’s films. They’re just the best and I can watch them a 1000 times without getting bored. There are obviously some that immediately pop into my mind whenever I start thinking of the 80’s and here’s a list of my all times favourites.

  1. The Breakfast Club. Who doesn’t love this one. It’s just everything anyone can ever dream of.
  2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Come on, Matthew Broderick was soooo cute back then.
  3. Sixteen Candles.
  4. Star Wars V. Without a doubt the best Star Wars film ever created.
  5. The Gremlins. I watched this one in the summer, in Germany, because I was bored and on my period (so I couldn’t go hiking with the rest).
  6. The Shining. I have never been more mindf*** in my life, but Stephen King is a top author and this movie was a banger.
  7. Footloose. I’m obvioulsly just a cheesy cheesecake.
  8. Beetlejuice. ‘Cause who doesn’t love Tim Burton?

So, these are my favourites (+ some extra awkward commentaries/explanations). Tell me in the comments what your faves are and I’ll consider watching them in the near future.


I’m btw listening to A Letter To Elise by The Cure. I love it with all my heart (and not just because my name is in the title).

Why am I happy? Today was rather meh, but I managed to finish the ginormous task for Greek in a couple of hours (I should have finished it a week ago… Procrastination, procrastination).


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