Save The Succulents!

Hi guys!

Everyone knows someone who likes to pick up random things just because they look “lonely” or “miserable”. Well, I’m one of them (one of those people, not one of those things). I just can’t help it.

On Monday I saved three succulents (Steve, Louise and Arnold), that were in need of air and water. Seriously, they were starving in this plastic thingy. So I picked them up, brought them home and watered them (sparkling water of course) and now they look shiny and new. I honestly think I should start a shop for saving plants and call it Mother Nature’s Magic Shop For Plants.

Another thing I can’t help saving is books. My school is giving away a lot of books and my friends and me have been taking them away. Don’t judge me, because Do You Know What They Will Do To Them If Noone Takes Them? They’ll throw ’em away or worse: burn them.

So yeah… I like to save things. A lot of things actually… Whoops!

I’m btw listening to Lorde’s The Love Club.

Why am I happy today? I don’t know. Today is fine, but not particularly great. I barely slept, was afraid of falling asleep, so I just read a book and tried to clear my mind (it didn’t work, as you can see by my awful writing and grammar mistakes).


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