What To Do When You’re Feeling Stressed As Hell

Hi people!

School started again and I’m really busy (not the cool type of busy) and of course Stressed… Yup the big S-word (or is that Snake… Well it’s the same type of shizzz *awkward wink*). But I made a list of things that calm me down when I’m about to crash.

First of all: Drink Water. It’s important. Whether you are stressed, feeling down, happy or whatever, just stay hydrated.

Go outside. Going outside and just breathing in the fresh air can really calm you down and de-puff the cloud that’s blocking your brain from thinking straight.

Eat some fruit or vegetables. No, I’m not being a total mom right now, I’m just saying that these are really fresh things that don’t leave your stomach feeling like there’s a stone inside.

Listen to some music. Music can work really therapeutic, but don’t listen to heavy stuff if you’re not feeling well. Instead, listen to artists like Bon Iver or Vance Joy, or other calming voices.

Last but not least: Cats. Seriously, cats are so comforting and soft. Dogs too by the way, but really any type of pet can change your mood (or at least my mood).

So these are the things that comfort me when I feel shitty and stressed out.

I’m by the way listening to Diet Mountain Drew by Lana Del Rey.

Why am I happy today? It’s a new day, it’s 2017… Yeah Loads Of New Chances Oh and I’m taking part in my school’s Art-exposition.


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