Playlist To My Heart

Buongiorno Fellas!

If there’s one thing I could never live without, it’s music. Music has become essential in my lifestyle and of course there are a couple of songs that are basically the key to my heart. Being who I am, I listed them and made a post about it.

  • Golden Days by Panic! at the Disco
  • Drown by Bring Me the Horizon
  • Heart Out by The 1975
  • Holy Ghost by BØRNS
  • Song For Isabelle by Pierce The Veil
  • November by Sleeping With Sirens
  • Step by Vampire Weekend
  • Friday I’m in love by The Cure (yup, don’t judge me)
  • I thought I told you by The Academic
  • You change with the seasons by The Night Café
  • Formidable by The Big Moon
  • Let’s dance to joy division by The Wombats
  • Aquasun by Basement

I could keep on going, but I think this is enough for now. But yeah… These are the song I love with my whole entire heart. Some of them actually changed my life and I probably wouldn’t have been who I am now without them (if that makes any sense).

Oh and what is the “your tophits 2016” playlist on Spotify supposed to be. It’s just really weird.

I’m btw listening to Sweet Emotion by The Kooks.

Why am I happy today? I don’t know. I woke up early (it was still dark outside), opened my window (even though it’s freezing cold in Belgium right now), saw that it’s foggy today and went outside in my pajamas to take pictures (Wow, what an experience *sarcastic clapping*).


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