Hi everyone!

This week is actually examweek… Yup. It has just started and I already wish it was over. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t really hate studying. It’s just that I hate the stress that comes along with filling in that damn piece of paper. And why even? Like I said, it’s just a piece of paper that would have absolutely no worth in whatever other universe. And when you think of it, it can’t really hurt you… physically. But yeah, I still stress over it and I will probably always stress over it.

But for some reason I think examweek is kind of funny. When I enter the schoolbuilding, I immediately just feel the lack of sleep. And no-one really cares about the way you look, because everybody looks just as crappy as you! Wow, the joy of exams!

I just wish it was Christmas already!

(Sorry for the reeeaaally short post)

I’m listening to Holy Ghost by BØRNS, btw.

Why am I happy today? Because I had my Latin exam today and I got a new plant! (wow, I’m a little too excited with the exlamation marks)


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